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Fire Door Solutions

Fire Rate® Specialised Fire Safety Solutions are designed to economically resolve common Fire Safety Issues and Schenarios in Strata & Body Corporate Building Environment.

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Fire Rate® Door Solutions for
Specialised Fire Safety Solutions for Body Corporate Service Providers are designed to cost economically resolve common Fire Safety Issues and Schenarios in Body Corporate Building Environment. More Details
Fire Rate® Door Solutions for
Specialised Fire Safety Solutions for Strata & Property Manager Service Providers are designed to cost economically resolve common Fire Safety Issues and Schenarios in Strata Building Structure Environment. More Details
Fire Rate® Door Solutions for
Specialised Fire Safety Solutions for Real Estate Agencies are designed to cost economically resolve common Fire Safety Issues in highly demanding real estate property environment. More Details

Start to resolve your Fire Door issues Today!

Custom made fire doors & frames in a huge range of sizes & finishes for all buildings styles, fire rating requirements & locations. Get the fire door experts to enhance your property.

We offer;

  • Polished marine grade stainless steel fire doors & frames
  • Galvanised steel frames & doors
  • Zinc primed steel frames & doors
  • Huge range of timber veneers

Contact us today. You will notice the difference with Fire Rate doors!

We offer your vision into a fire safety door with the world’s leading brands as a supply only service or installed by professional tradesmen to ensure safety & security. Lock up with Fire Rate Doors. You’ll be glad you did.

We customise fire safety doors & products to deliver quality trouble free doors to;

  • Traditional existing buildings
  • Modern upgrades to existing buildings
  • Complete fire door packages for new & existing construction projects
  • Apartment entry fire doors
  • Fire exiting Stair fire doors
  • Commercial building fire safety doors & cupboard doors & panels.
  • Smoke doors
  • High security doors
  • Range of approved fire safety door accessories
Fire Rate, a Company small enough to care but big enough to get the job done well. Highly recommended.
Commercial Building Services
Thanks to the Fire Rate team we got a very difficult fire door job over the line. They provided excellent service beyond the contract.
Geneville Constructions
Fire Rate recently successfully replaced 14 sets of fire rated doors including door hardware and 6 sets of fire rated steel door frames for a Fire Safety Upgrade project for a block of units in Freshwater. Fire Rate was very helpful in ensuring the new doors and hardware met the technical fire rating specifications required & they worked well with the building tenants to ensure minimum disruption. We are happy to recommend Fire Rate
Doug Schaafsma
Manager Hydex Building Services

Fire Door Solutions FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions about fire door upgrade service

  • What are the common issues with fire doors?

    Fire door hitting the frame and not closing. Tight or excessive gaps between the door and the frame in the closed position. Slamming closers. Torn/dropped hinges. Different floor levels. Worn or weathered hardware. Delamination doors. Splits/cracks in the timber edges. Rusted or loose frame sections. There are a number of items that can cause the fire door to not self latch or open correctly. Fire Rate repair and solve these issues and more. Call the fire door professionals to fix and certify your doors.

  • What are the requirements for fire doors?

    Fire doors must be properly installed with maximum clearances of 3mm across the head and both sides between the door and the frame and a maximum 10mm from the base of the fire door to the floor. All lock(s), Closer and any accessories must be tested and approved to be used with a fire door. A fire door must have a minimum of 3 hinges if the door is over 1200mm high and generally a minimum of 4 hinges if the fire door is over 2250mm high or over 920mm wide.  This is confirmed when ordering the door size and thickness, plus the rating required.

  • What is the Australian standard for fire doors?

    AS1905.1. Old standard 2005 or new standard 2015. This will be specified in your building's custom: Fire Engineered Solution. Fire Rate Levels, approved hardware with additional items such as smoke seals, drop seals, specified door hardware pending the fire doors size, rating, location, thickness and others.

  • How often should fire doors be inspected and maintained?

    Fire doors must be regularly checked and maintained. Pending the building's class and size fire safety doors are checked every 3 months upto 12 months. Standard apartment buildings are generally every 6 months on common area doors and 12 months on apartment entry doors.

    Fire Doors are checked to ensure self-latching, correct gaps and that all components are in good working order. Fire Rate are experts in this service and give our customers a great rate with valid certification. Get the fire door experts to look after your doors. We pride ourselves on maximum protection and security. 

  • What makes a fire door a fire door?

    A fire door is different from other doors. Non-rated doors are hollow or made of solid timber. A fire door looks like a normal door from the outside, but the internal core is where the magic happens. This will not catch fire as to a hollow or solid timber door will burn, a fire door has been designed and tested to hold itself within the steel fire door frame while reducing the spread of flames from overcoming a building. 

  • What is a fire door?

    A fire door is a specifically designed, tested and approved safety door to assist in slowing/stopping the spread of fire throughout a building. Fire doors are fitted into fire rated walls and must be installed in accordance with Australian Standards to provide the correct Fire Rate Level specified for that door's location. They are a lifeline to allow people to evacuate, while also isolating and drastically reducing the spread of fire throughout a building, assisting the local fire brigade to extinguish fire and minimise damage. 

  • How do fire doors work?

    Fire doors are made with a fire proof internal core with timber veneer faces and edges. They will stop fire from one room to another for a period of time - Pending the fire door requirements. An automatic approved fire door closer is fitted and adjusted to ensure the fire door self latches behind people evacuating to ensure the door is fully closed/latched to protect as designed. If a fire has occurred, chances are the door will need replacing as the door faces and edges are made of timber and will have flame burn damage. 

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