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Body Corporates & Owners Corporations - Why Pay More For Your Safety Door Repairs and Replacements?

Get a Better Rate with Fire Rate®

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Fire Rate® gives owners a safe and secure option to save and engage the fire door experts.
Free quote on failed door repairs and replacements  – (Button) form – Name, Number, Building address, send photo of door both sides – whole door in photos & photo or info on existing door tag. 

  • Don’t feel locked in to use your inspection company’s failed fire and door(s) quote. See how we’ll give you a better rate!
  • Our licensed and insured trade technicians repair failed or damaged fire doors, steel frames and door hardware.
  • Trouble free quality fire door replacements and non-rated to fire rated door and frame upgrades – Compliance Tags and Certification Included.
  • Every repair and/or replacement service comes with certification and warranty.
  • Certification sent onto the inspection company who failed the door(s).
  • Close match new doors to existing with remove and refit existing hardware or upgrade to new secure Australian Standard hardware and accessories in a range of styles and budgets.
  • Steel frame rust and hinge repairs
  • Door closer repairs and upgrades for quite latching, better security and easy open closer options to internal and external doors.
Fire Door Installation Services
Fire Door Installation Services
  • Range of approved fire door styles, patterns, veneers, acoustic sound rated options and steel fire door frames custom made in Australia.
  • Steel sheeted doors for better security and weather protection options.
  • Fire, Smoke and Emergency Exit Door, Frame and Hardware upgrades for fire safety audit compliance to your property.

Fire door seals proven to dramatically reduce Covid-19 spreading within apartment blocks

If your fire inspection company has failed just one safety door or many, Contact us today to see how much we’ll save you.

If your building needs new fire doors and or frames – We specialise in Apartment Entry, Fire Stairs, Electrical, Non-combustible lined and Emergency Exit + Security Doors, Frames & Hardware.
Inspection and report services on your buildings current doors and customise your needs for compliance with better security, trouble free long life fire safety doors, frames and/or compliant hardware.

  • Customise to suit your buildings style, fire rating safety needs and budget. 
  • Provide strong, secure fire safety door upgrade and repair services with tagging, certification and warranty to failed fire safety doors and ensure security and safety to your building.
  • Strive to provide the best value, security and safety doors, frames and hardware services across Sydney. 
  • Work with owners and residents to suit their needs and maximise the work in a day to minimise the cost on every job.
  • Deliver Body Corporates needs, wants & budgets to provide the right company for the job. 
  • Unit entry fire doors
  • Fire stair and final exit doors
  • Service cupboard fire, smoke and non-combustible doors
  • Single and double door (Pairs)
  • Frames, locks, closers and accessories

Enquire about our Fire Door Repair Services

Fire door repair services for residential and commercial building requirements – Apartment entry fire doors, fire stair doors, final exit doors, tight fitting solid core doors, smoke doors, non-combustible lined service cupboard doors, steel sheeted security doors and custom veneers. Send us your requirements.

Our unit block needed several door repairs and some new doors, that our current fire inspection company failed. Fire Rate were better on price and now our doors look and work great. They even fixed my bathroom door.
Rachael – Dee Why
Dee Why
We have 3 carpark fire exit doors that had some rust and water damage and they never closed or locked properly. We engaged Fire Rate to fix them & now they self-close and lock every time and our building is secure.
Tony – Randwick

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