Kaba Fire Rated Door Hardware

Kaba has made a big footprint in Australia for quality approved fire safety door locks, closers, panic bars & accessories.
Kaba is a Swiss locking company with over 150 years in the industry. Quality range alternative lock systems to comply with Australian Fire Safety Door requirements.
Well designed & engineered fire door products that supply years of trouble free use.

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Latch Extension 127mm Backset

The Kaba Backset Extension Spring Latch Lockset Accessories Series, Backset Extension Tube comes with a Plated finish.

$ 18.56

Mortice 130P2 Key Cylinder

Mortice key cylinder Lock Series with 2 keys to suit, Lockwood 570, 590 3572 & 3582 Series, plus other Australian type Mortice Lock types.

$ 19.50
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Kaba RB111 S S Roller Bolts

The Kaba RB111 Stainless Steel roller Bolt is fully adjustable for varying door gaps and suits rated and non-rated fire safety doors and wall access hatches

$ 25.20
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Kaba RB100 Nylon Roller Bolts

The Kaba RB100 Nylon Roller Bolts is fully adjustable for varying door gaps and suits aluminium or timber non-rated doors nd wall access hatches.

$ 28.86
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Kaba Internal Mortice Handle

Choice of round or square end solid forged fire door approved lever handles to suit Kabe mortice locks. Designed for use with compliant mortice locks and latches

$ 58.30

Kaba 601C Handle

Kaba Door Handle 601C-25SCP SC 600 Series Plate w/ Cylinder Hole & lever with square ends. Designed for use with contemporary Australian Style mortice locks.

$ 64.71

Kaba Fire Door Handle

Stylish handles with rose. Easy grip turn handles compliant with fire rated doors. Residential unit entry fire door mortice lock lever handle only x 1

$ 76.50
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Kaba 100 Series Plate Furniture

The Kaba 100 Series Plain Plate furniture. Suitable for commercial or residential applications due to its hard wearing designs and features with rounded ends.

$ 76.59

Kaba Door Handle 600V Plate

Kaba Door Handle for Mortice locksets. Choice of lock funtions to suit requirements. Designed for use with contemporary Australian Style mortice locks and latches.

$ 78.92

Fire Door Night Latch

Kaba fire door approved - Rim Night Latch. Suited to internal Service Data Cupboards & Non-combustible lined Fire Safety Doors to service shafts & non path of egress doors.

$ 85.90
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Kaba 1240 Door Selector

The 1240 Door Selector Device is an economical controlling device designed to be used on medium/low usage pairs of doors with overlapping astragals or rebated door styles to help ensure inactive leaf closes first when door closers have been fitted.

$ 94.05

Kaba SS087 Lock Protector

The Kaba SS088 lock protector is a Strike shield with visible fix and suits cylindrical locks, lever on rose and key in lever series.

$ 96.03

Kaba External Mortice Handle

Choice of round or square end solid forged fire door approved lever handles to suit Kabe mortice locks. Designed for use with compliant mortice locks and latches.

$ 97.30

Kaba KL3000 Fire Door Lever

Fire door approved Residential & Commercial Lockset. 75mm wide rose. Range of functions: Push button entrance sets, passage & storeroom function options.

$ 97.35
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Kaba K1000 Fire Door Knobset

Fire Door Approved Budget Commercial Grade Knob lockset. Push button Standard Entrance function knob-set with 70mm back-set & 75mm wide rose. Cannot be used in fire exit doors (Lever or push bar exiting only)

$ 105.00
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Kaba Knob Set

The key in Knob lock set with 127mm extension design with a 75mm rose. Suitable for unit entry 1hr fire doors. Budget compliant knob lockset for doors 35-46mm

$ 105.00
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Kaba Mortice Lock Body Only

Save with this mortice lock is a quality Kaba Locking product. Approved to be used with up to 2hr fire arte doors. Heavy Duty Lock. Range of locking fuctions.

$ 105.76
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Kaba Lever Set

The key in Lever lockset is supplied with a 85mm rose and 70mm backset as standard. The KL Series, Key in Lever locks are suitable for doors between 35-46mm

$ 137.35
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Kaba 7303 Closer

Budget door closer with smooth action. This general-purpose door closer is a part of the 7000 Series and has a range of optional features. Easy to install

$ 137.51
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Kaba 1234 Door Selector

Kaba twin arm door selector. Designed for long life heavy traffic pair fire safety doors. Ensures inactive door closers first to ensure correct locking/latching.

$ 206.69

Kaba 9024 Closer

This closer is a general-purpose, high-duty grade door closer, that provides optional features specially designed for projects where aesthetics are required.

$ 218.60
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Kaba 7000 Closer

Kaba 7000 series are Fire Rated up to 2hr (-/120/30) approved & rated as a medium cost & performance closer. Medium Opening Fire Door Closer, Suited For Standard Commercial Fire Doors

$ 220.00
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Kaba 702 Closer

Kaba 702 is a compliant budget fire door approved closer. Standard closing action. Can be installed to Fire Rate unit entry fire doors, storeroom fire safety doors.

$ 225.00
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Kaba 9026 Closer

A good solid smooth action fire safety door closer. Easy installation with all fixings and instructions included. Recommended for standard fire safety doors

$ 286.15
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Kaba Mortice Lock Set

Kaba Mortice Lock is a Quality fire door mortice lockset with a range of door locking functions. Mortice lock body only. Key cylinders and handles not included

$ 297.85
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Kaba 9025 Closer

This is a general-purpose fire door closer. Modern styled closer with 2 point adjustment, Backcheck. Fitting instructions and screws included

$ 357.24
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Kaba ED22 Single Door

Kaba ED22 single fire exit door escape only. No external access. Strong outward opening fire safety final exit door panic bar set. Option with additional Outside Key

$ 688.95

Kaba ED22 Rim Exit Device

The ED22 Series, Rim Exit Device is a non handed, field reversible rim exit device with a modern touch pad style for metal and timber doors.

$ 688.95

Kaba ED2227 Vertical Panic Bar

The ED2227 Series, Verticle Rod Exit panic bar set is a Non handed, field reversible rim exit device which can be installed for inward & outward opening doors.

$ 698.50

Kaba ED22 Pair panic bar set

Kaba double fire safety door panic bar set. Secure locking set for fast internal escape in the event of an emergency. Cut To Suit Door Widths for easy install.

$ 1,465.15
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