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Fire Door Certification & Tagging

Fire Rate® issue Fire Door and Frame Compliance Tags & Certification Certificates with every new fire door installed and or repairs and upgrades for compliance.

Every Fire Rate supplied fire door and/or frame is issued with a compliance tag. If installed by us, we auto issue compliance tags and a certification certificate for building records with every door project. Fire Rate only tag fire doors and/or frames if they have been installed correctly in accordance with Australian Standard 1905.1

If purchasing fire doors and/or frames and your planning to install by others, Fire Rate issue the tags, (But) the tag must be engraved by the certifying company that inspects and signs off on the fire door/frame once installed. Fire Rate also offer this inspection/certification service!

If existing fire doors are missing tags, Fire Rate can inspect and tag the fire door for up to 1hr (-/60/30) and/or frame if compliant. Or up to 4hr (-/240/30) rating if confirmed by the manufacture that the fire door/frame is rated at a higher protection level. Also in order to tag existing fire doors and/or frames, we require the following information otherwise a new fire door and/or frame is required:

Existing Doors

  • Door Manufacturer
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Internal Core Sponsor
  • Correct hardware

Existing Frames

  • Frame Manufacturer
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Is the frame correctly backfilled
  • Wall fire Rating level information

Fast & Easy Certification & Compliance Tagging Process

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About Fire Door & Frame Compliance Tags & Requirements

If tags are missing from your fire door(s), Fire Rate® can offer an inspection service to ensure the door(s) or frame(s) are fire compliant & issue a certification certificate, but Fire Rate® cannot re-tag any existing fire doors or frames unless evidence can be supplied of the manufacture, the internal core sponsor & the year the door(s) was manufactured. In addition, the door must be installed in accordance with Building Code of Australia & Australian Standard requirements.

The information on the tags informs the history of the fire door. It will show the manufacturer & the date the fire door was made. It will also show the certifier and that the door complies to the Australian Fire door & fire door frame standards. This Standard of performance should be in accordance with AS1905 Part 1.

If a fire door or fire door frame does not have compliance tag(s), then the door & door frame should be either replaced with a new fire door & fire door frame, or the fire door should be inspected by Fire Rate® to determine if the door is in fact a fire door, a fire door frame and that the door system including hardware installed complies with Australian Standards.

Fire Rate helped me satisfy the Council Regulations for Fire Doors and Hardware with the minimum of fuss, and at a very reasonable cost.

Charles Burns


I wish to compliment Ryan & the team at Fire Rate with regards to the installation of 12 units, plus the 4 entrance doors at 14 Mactier Street Narrabeen. The work was carried out with little or no incnvenience to our tenants. Thank you for your service and I would be only too happy to recommend your company to any prospective clients.

Neil R Clarke

Director / Licensee - Northern Beaches Real Estate

Standard requirements for Residential & Commercial properties

Under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP & A Reg.), owners of buildings have a legal obligation to supply the local council and the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigades with a copy of the current Fire Safety Statement listing the fire safety measures applicable to their building and the Performance Standard relative to each.

A copy of the Fire Safety Statement must be supplied as soon as possible after being issued to the owner. Together with copies of certificates and statements, owners must also supply the Commissioner with a copy of the current Fire Safety Schedule issued to the owner by the consent authority specifying the fire safety measures that should be implemented in the building premises. A copy of the Fire Safety Statement together with a copy of the current fire safety schedule must be prominently displayed in the building.

The owner of a building, to which an essential fire safety measure is applicable by virtue of a Fire Safety Schedule, must not fail to maintain each essential fire safety measure in the building premises. The Commissioner (NSW Fire Brigades) has an obligation under the E P & A Reg. to accept copies of completed Certificates and Statements together with copies of current Fire Safety Schedules.

Owners and agents are responsible for the accuracy of details on the form and must sign the form. However, without supporting evidence compiled by a properly qualified competent person, it may be that the signatory leaves himself or herself open to challenge.

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Thank you for assisting with our buildings fire door upgrades. From start to finish, we were impressed. It has been a difficult process upgrading our building & the doors were the easy part in the end. it was a relief we used your services.

Rating: 4.7

Once again lads another fine job. We will continue to use Fire Rate door services on future construction projects. Thank you.

Rating: 4.8

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