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BCA Requirement

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) divides buildings into types which have individual requirements. The BCA passive fire protection requires that all buildings (except non-high-rise housing) are to be designed in such a way as to have Fire Compartments which will:

  • Stop the spread of fire
  • Allow occupants to escape to an unaffected area
  • Allow fire-fighters to attack the source of the blaze

Fire Rate® Fire doors, frames, windows,installations & inspections are designed to stop the spreading of fire from one compartment to the next. A compartment can be a room, a series of rooms, a vertical shaft, an entire floor, or any other area specified in the report.

Fire Exit paths are an essential lifeline to safety. Fire Rate specialises in these areas of essential services Our installations are issued with a current regulation certificate of compliance.

Fire Rate® provide quality new installations, Maintenance & repairs to Fire doors, Fire windows, passive fire protection within all building sizes. Six month & Annual fire safety inspections, maintenance, repairs & new installations to buildings Fire doors, Fire door frames, Fire windows, Service risers, signage & Paths of Travel.

Maintenance of these services is a BCA requirements. Fire Rate®'s Maintenance, Repairs & Installation services provide cost effective solutions to your properties requirements.

Fire Rate® are Fire Protection Professionals

We are passionate about building safety & ensure that all Fire Rate supply only products, installations, repairs, maintenance & inspections are compliant with BCA & Australian Standards compliance.

You'll be Ensure your property is compliant, safe, for maximum protection for life & property protection.

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