Fire safety door closers. Huge range from budget compliant closers to easy opening closers for elderly or disabled. High wind door closers. Slide arm smooth action closers. All closers come with fitting instructions, screws and templates. Fast delivery - Australia Wide.

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Sabre 770 Closer

Budget economy fire door closer. Recommended for standard size or smaller fire doors to internal doors with no wind effected areas. Heavy opening pressure

$ 63.60
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Dorma TS68 Closer

Uniquely styled body appearance, designed as a budget door closer solution. Attractive curved closer body face that is easy to install and adjust to most fire doors.

$ 78.50
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Lockwood 2024 Closer

Lockwood 2024 door closer is an easy to install budget closer. Recommended for 38mm thick standard 820mm wide fire doors in internal door locations.

$ 114.97
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Sabre 732 Door Closer

This closer is a standard recommended unit entry fire door or internal fire door closer. A quality closer with standard closing/opening presure at a standard cost

$ 128.00
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Kaba 7303 Closer

Budget door closer with smooth action. This general-purpose door closer is a part of the 7000 Series and has a range of optional features. Easy to install

$ 137.51
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Sabre 835 Door Closer

This closer also has stylish square appearance in silver finish and offers varying operational features. Suitable for doors up to 100kg and sizes up to 1250mm wide.

$ 182.75
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Dorma TS79 Closer

Dorma TS 79 closer compact body dimensions enhance its appearance whilst keeping all great qualities that make this series a great fire door closer choice.

$ 185.75
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Kaba 9024 Closer

This closer is a general-purpose, high-duty grade door closer, that provides optional features specially designed for projects where aesthetics are required.

$ 218.60
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Kaba 7000 Closer

Kaba 7000 series are Fire Rated up to 2hr (-/120/30) approved & rated as a medium cost & performance closer. Medium Opening Fire Door Closer, Suited For Standard Commercial Fire Doors

$ 220.00
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Sabre 836 Door Closer

Fire Rate Approved & Recommended Economy Heavy Duty Fire Door Closer For Heavy Doors or moderately windy areas.

$ 220.00
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Kaba 702 Closer

Kaba 702 is a compliant budget fire door approved closer. Standard closing action. Can be installed to Fire Rate unit entry fire doors, storeroom fire safety doors.

$ 225.00
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Dorma TS 90 Closer

Dorma Standard Quality TS 90 Impulse Fire Door Closer With Basic Slide Arm. Smooth action slide channel door closer with cam-action technology

$ 247.67
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RYOBI D3550 Closer

Ryobi D3550 Fire Door Closer is designed for heavy commercial fire safety doors. Adjustable back check with power to close heavy doors.

$ 267.50
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Dorma TS72 Closer

The Dorma TS 72 is a rack and pinion door closer with scissor arm and is the ideal multi-purpose door closer for all standard door designs and construction doors.

$ 274.57
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Dorma TS73 V Closer

This Dorma TS73 V is a rack-and pinion door closer with scissor arm with backcheck and delayed closing as standard. Assure quality closer suits most fire doors.

$ 285.39
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Kaba 9026 Closer

A good solid smooth action fire safety door closer. Easy installation with all fixings and instructions included. Recommended for standard fire safety doors

$ 286.15
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Kaba 9025 Closer

This is a general-purpose fire door closer. Modern styled closer with 2 point adjustment, Backcheck. Fitting instructions and screws included

$ 357.24
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Dorma TS83 Closer

The Dorma TS83 is recommended in high wind areas and external fire exit doors. Power closing pressure to ensure security self locking doors. Top quality closer.

$ 370.10
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RYOBI D455 Closer

Ryobi quality fire door approved closer. The D4550 Ryobi Premium closer provides a quality smooth closing and light pressure opening closer suited to fire doors

$ 395.32
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Dorma TS 93 Series Door Closer

The TS93 Series represents the pinnacle of surface applied closers because of its unique cam and roller design. Doors equipped with the TS93 will open much easier than doors with rack and pinion closers with track arms.

$ 488.99
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Lockwood 7714 Door Closer

This Lockwood Surface Mounted door closer is a standard closer with sizes ranging from 1-4 with a new square design. It also has silver colour changes to match anodised aluminium finish also with performance improvements.

$ 574.68
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Lockwood 2616 Slide Closer

Fire door approved Lockwood Premium Door Closer. Light Opening Fire Door Closer, Suited For Residents That Require An Easy Open Closer.

$ 607.88
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Lockwood 7726 Door Closer

This surface mounted door closer has a shortened body by 40mm and has a common cover size to suit same foot print as the old model. This door closer is standard with size 2-6. with a new square design. It also has silver colour changes to match anodised a

$ 673.12
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Dorma ITS 96 Consealed Closer

The Dorma ITS 96 door closer is a concealed door closer with cam action technology designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame.

$ 680.13
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Lockwood 2657 Closer

Fire door approved Lockwood Premium Heavy Duty Door Closer. Designed For Extremely Heavy Fire Doors To Ensure Closing / Latching. Door weight up to 160kg

$ 688.83
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Dorma TS 97 Closer

The TS 97 door closer featuring EASY OPEN technology is a very compact surface-mounted door closer. Closer body and slide channel, contur design.

$ 784.62
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Dorma TS73 EMF Closer

The Dorma TS73-EMF is a electromagnetic hold-open unit with power supply that works in conjunction with a smoke detection systems for nursing homes/hospitals

$ 1,292.39
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Lockwood 2516EMC Closer

Fire Rate Approved Lockwood 2516 EMC. Recommended Where Fire Doors Are Kept Open in Hotels, Schools & Hospitals.

$ 1,295.69
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Lockwood FD484 Double

Fire Rate Approved Lockwood 2516 EMC. Double Doors (Pair). Recommended Where Fire Doors Are Kept Open in Hotels, Schools & Hospitals.

$ 2,390.00

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