Briton Fire Escape Hardware

Briton provide quality well designed fire escape panic bar sets for single, double & final exiting fire safety doors.
A global brand that have a vast range of tested & approved fire safety door panic bars. Well priced fire door hardware for quality locking emergency exit doors
Residential, Commercial & Industrial Panic Bars sets with external heavy duty key entry, no external entry Horizontal & vertical locking options available for the right fire door & escape locking products. Inward & outward opening exit doors for single & double fire safety doors.

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Briton External Access Handle

Fire Rate Approved Briton External heavy duty panic bar external Lever/Knob & Key Entry Lock. When access to a building through this fire exit door system is required, the Briton external handle key entry is a heavy duty weather protected handle to open &

$ 375.00
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Briton 378 Reversible

Briton 378 reversible panic latch is versatile with excellent locking for inward or outward opening fire escape doors. With a concealed striker for extra security.

$ 445.10

Briton 376E Single Panic Bolt

The Briton 376E Single Panic Bolt is surface mounted and easy to install. Two point locking for security. This series allows for easy escape in an emergency.

$ 452.45

Briton 376 Panic Bar

This panic bar is suitable for fire safety doors. Top and bottom 2 point locking vertical locking panic bar set. Can be installed to single Doors & Double Door (Pairs).

$ 457.45
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Briton 379N Mortice Set

This panic bar set can be installed to single fire safety doors & on active door leaf pair. Includes internal mortice lockset, key cylinder with 2 keys escutcheon plate

$ 545.40
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Briton 376E Mortice Combo

Complete single exiting panic bar set : 1 Briton 376E panic Bar, 1 Mortic Lock Body, 1 Oval Key Cylinder - 2 keys & 1 round stainless steel escutcheon.

$ 559.05
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Briton 377 Double Door Panic Bolt

Double fire door Panic bar set and Latch is suitable for use on fire and smoke double door (Pairs) with rebated meeting styles. Adjustable top and bottom shoots.

$ 594.17
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Briton 379E Mortice Panic Latch

The Briton 379E Mortice Panic Latch is a surface mounted internal escape panic bar set with recessed mortice lockset. Options for no key only and/or handle.

$ 595.60
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Briton B378E Combo Pack

Total combination pack 378E Series panic bar with external Brito 1413E knob or lever handle, key cylinder with 2 keys. Ideal for final exit panic bar combo set.

$ 780.35
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Briton B377E w Cylinder

The Briton B377E / SE with key cylinder - 2keys & external heavy duty weather protected panic bar external key/knob/lever handle for external access.

$ 796.38
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Briton B377 Combo

The Briton 377E Series Panic Bar Combo, complete with external Briton 1413 Knob or lever handle and sequence selector provides a complete pair lock set

$ 891.19
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