Sabre Holdings

Sabre make one of Fire Rate® recommended standard apartment entry fire door closer – The Sabre 732 series fire door closer.
A high quality mid range fire door closer recommended for standard apartment entry fire safety doors.
They also have a quality apartment entry lever handle lockset Sabre 400 series lockset.
Sabre also supply a budget alternate heavy duty fire door closer for heavy large door. The Sabre 836 Series.


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Sabre 770 Closer

Budget economy fire door closer. Recommended for standard size or smaller fire doors to internal doors with no wind effected areas. Heavy opening pressure

$ 63.60
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Sabre 940 Flush Bolt

Sabre 940 Automatic Flush Bolt is suitable for fire door pairs and can be installed in the top and bottom of the inactive door left. Installation instructions included

$ 125.10
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Sabre 732 Door Closer

This closer is a standard recommended unit entry fire door or internal fire door closer. A quality closer with standard closing/opening presure at a standard cost

$ 128.00
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Sabre 400 Lever Lockset

Unit entry compliant lever lockset. A strong security lock that is easy to install. Quality handle feel and function. Smooth turn action and fire door compliant

$ 130.50
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Sabre 835 Door Closer

This closer also has stylish square appearance in silver finish and offers varying operational features. Suitable for doors up to 100kg and sizes up to 1250mm wide.

$ 182.75
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Sabre 836 Door Closer

Fire Rate Approved & Recommended Economy Heavy Duty Fire Door Closer For Heavy Doors or moderately windy areas.

$ 220.00
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